How can we eliminate plastic? We have started like this.

Eliminate 30,000 plastic cups from our showrooms every year? We have set out on an important path in our company. 

Our new personalised BertO cups with our names on them are quite irresistible don’t you think?

But according to us, that which makes them truly irresistible is the contribution, however small, that they give to the environment.

“Small” but not so small really if we consider that by adopting these lovely little cups, which are already the envy of everyone who doesn’t have one, our showrooms manage to prevent something like 30 thousand plastic cups a year from ending up in the environment.

Simply by preparing coffee for ourselves and our clients in these cups instead of in plastic cups.
But how many cups of coffee do we drink? 😀

Showroom berto salotti elimina 30000 bicchieri di plastica all'anno

But in reality all this doesn’t count for much.

The elimination of plastic cups is, on one hand, just a drop in the ocean but on the other hand it’s a sign which we are giving ourselves.

With this small gesture we are promising to embark on a bigger task and we are putting it in writing for all of you who have the patience to read it.

We are committed to explore with determination and energy all the ways in which we can make our artisan activity as environment-friendly as possible in every phase and in every moment.

We feel very keenly our responsibility to do our part to help the environment and we strongly desire to be protagonists in this evolution which regards us all.

Because we must never forget that the environment is not ours, we are only taking care of it for future generations.

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