How can you distinguish the work of a true craftsman?  That’s easy to answer: you recognize an artisan by the calluses on their hands.

Divani e Lavoro Artigiano

It is with a mixture of admiration and envy as I follow the sophisticated approaches of communication and marketing of the big brands in our industry.

There has been, however, a recent change in strategy, the big brands are only now identifying the quality of what is made by hand, at the level of the small artisan in laboratories and not in automated factories this realization, though tardy, flatters us.

We’ve never left the laboratory, when the lights come one thing is evident the passion we have to create beautiful furniture is shared by all of our employees.

How do we know this?

It shows by the calluses left on their hands and from the decades we have dedicated to our craft.

For years the big brands have always flown hundreds of miles above us, our photograph could hardly compete with the “stars” in the industry.

The problem for them is that their products have never seen a pair of artisan hands and now they’re suddenly speaking about “craftsmanship, manual machining, skills handed down from generation to generation.”

We know, as true craftsmen, one of the major challenges of our future as explained to us by Stefano Micelli, author and Professor of economics at the University of Venice, will be the “ability to communicate.”

We know that getting the message across that our products are the best, because of the people who work in our laboratory, in our showroom and on our hands.

Berto Master Artisan in Brianza Italy





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