Who’s behind your couch?

I do not mean someone hiding behind it (laugh) or the formal structure of the company’s guarantee but the person, who built the wooden structure, inserted the springs one by one, who cut the fabric or who sewed the details on the padded seats cushions.

Behind every Berto sofa and upholstered bed there are highly skilled artisans like: Luigi who prepares and cuts the fabrics and leather hides, Matelda and Giovanna who sew all the pieces of sofa coverings, Flavio, Pier and Carlo who do all the quilting and Ante who is constantly inventing new solutions for custom projects.

We are passionate about our work and it shows in the quality of the products we produce.

This same passion and pursuit of excellence is also shared by the people that work with us.

It is for this reason we came up with the quality card, which we give to every client.

It includes a list of specifications, characteristics about the product and all useful maintenance information.

The card is signed by who actually built the item; we believe it’s an opportunity for our employees to stand behind their work and for our clients to know we stand together.

Here it is:

Scheda Qualità

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