It’s more than a part of the showroom, #BertoLive is an important part in our world.

Something is happening in our BertO Showroom in Meda: the typical ton-sur-ton shades of the showroom give space to stronger colors and more precise tastes, a big black fridge contains special hand brewed iced biers and the soundtrack is made up of rare vinyl records you can play directly on the record player near the electric guitars.

You have the feeling of getting into an unconventional place which is not really alternative to our showroom, it is simply a part of it.

bertolive showroom berto meda

A different place but with a precise identity: that is the reason why we have decided to call it #BertoLive.

#BertoLive means a lot of things to all of us: we consider it as a small place in our world where passions play the real game.

Let’s just stop for a while: if we think about a place we feel like home, a location we are attracted by or even a special place where we can show what we really are, well, are we perhaps thinking about our home?

Here we are: #BertoLive is a special place we would like you to share with us and feel as if you were at home.

We would like to welcome everyone that desires to drink something with us and spend some time together listening to the music we love – out of the personal music collection of someone who has spent his life in this special place.

It regards someone who is extremely familiar with it but has decided anyway to go beyond this showroom and move some steps further.

We wait for you here!

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