Meda Chelyabinsk a/r. Chronicles of a voyage to #BertoRussia.

I started with a suitcase full of catalogs, samples, responsibility and a list of challenges, as big as my name. The voyage to Chelyabinsk took 24 hours between loading all of the luggage from the laboratory, prolonged layovers and flight times not easily reached.  Oh, and how could I forget an emergency landing in the middle of the desert to give first aid to a passenger who had felt sick.


When I arrived at the store, in Chelyabinsk I found the sofas we had made in Meda ​​just a few weeks earlier, almost 5,000 miles away, nothing was missing, I had brought everything, a piece of the Brianza was now in a Russian city, just over the border from Kazakhstan.

That piece of Brianza translates easily it is the talent of men and women with over 40 years of experience transforming designs, drawings and ideas into objects of great value.

BERTO-RUSSIA-showroom-chelyabinskThat piece of Brianza is in a place where I have achieved, in recent years, a vision of the company, which is my daily challenge. That famous “bridge” which allowed us to plug my territory into the rest of the world and yesterday I found myself crossing the threshold that marked a real step forward into the future.

Since yesterday, and now in Chelyabinsk, Russia a city of over a million inhabitants in the east of the Ural Mountains, we offer the same service that we offer in Meda, Rome and New York, which characterize our work: the focus on the customer and the obsessive attention to detail.

The vision of the Berto company and its’ services know no boundaries and our challenge today, as yesterday, is to offer the highest quality standards of Berto upholstery and customization services and made ​​to measure available in Via Piave 18 in Meda.

There was a time when we could only offer these services in Meda at zero kilometers, now are available online worldwide or in our new showroom in Chelyabinsk, with the same value and the same quality as in Meda in our Berto laboratory.

The new benchmark for the market “East of the Urals” is here, in Truda 156, 454 004 – Chelyabinsk



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