More than Fuori Salone, more than a sofa. Milan Design Week 2017: a BertO project with Interno Italiano.

There are some moments when you feel excited by experiencing and there are some places you get inspiration from.
And above all there are people that – thanks to their talent and vision – inspire you.

We are talking about a certain period for the design world that is famous and appreciated all over the world: these are the days of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

During these days our capital city becomes the “World Capital of Design”, but maybe this is not the right definition to use…because Milan is actually and always the capital of everything related to Design. And the Salone del Mobile is simply an event in the agenda.
The right moment in the right place, then: is this the perfect formula? Yes, but we cannot forget the main and fundamental ingredient: the creative ferment.

The people.

Divano Meda al FuoriSalone 2017

And here we get to to the idea we are presenting during this edition of Milan Design Week 2017, together with a special partner we were immediately fascinated by, who inspired us to create something new, together.

And this is exactly what we should talk about during such an important and famous event: about something new.

For our standard production we have 365 days at disposal during the year we can use to satisfy and serve our customers with passion, but when the world is looking at you, you must be up to this attention and be ready.

And if we by BertO are ready this year, we must be grateful to the inspiration of our partners of Interno Italiano and to the vision of the designer Giulio Iacchetti.

We are working together on an idea of a special sofa that goes beyond a simple sofa and we are going to present it at FuoriSalone.
By summarizing we could say that this year at FuoriSalone Giulio Iacchetti, InternoItaliano and BertO will invite you to lie down on a …”FuoriDivano”.

Stay tuned, we will shortly tell you more about it.

Giulio Iacchetti e Filippo Berto con il divano MEDA

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