Meda, the first sofa that may turn into something else. And not only on video!

divano componibile meda design iacchetti prodotto berto
At FuoriSalone we present Meda, the first sofa that may turn into something else:

a playroom for children, a tea tray, or something that is able to change according to the time of the day, a living room or a waiting room, that assumes to be a pouf, maybe because it is simply tired of being considered just a sofa, but above, it can say banana.

Well, have you already seen it?

If your answer is “NO”, just take a look at this video and come and see the sofa Meda up to 9th April #FuoriSalone 2017 in cooperation with InternoItaliano.

We wait for you in Via Palermo 5 – Milan.

PS The sofa Meda was born thanks to the creative support of the designer Giulio Iacchetti and to the skillful artisan experience of Berto Fine Upholstery Tailoring that has realized it.

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