BertO opens in Singapore: Teddy’s interview

Hi Teddy, would you like to introduce yourself to our clients and tell us a little bit about who you are?

I was born in a humble family in the western part of Jakarta. I always has love and passion in architecture and design.
In 2002 I graduated with Architectural degree in Jakarta.

I was heavily influenced by my father’s stringent work ethics and entrepreneurial spirit. I moved to Singapore in 2011 to pursue my dream living in overseas and challenge my self in new environment.

I founded ID integrated in 2016. From 2 persons operation , today ID integrated is an award winning interior design firm with 2 offices in the region.
His philosphy of customer-focused, integrity , accountability and service by the heart, make ID integrated as one of the strong brand in the industry.

ReCasa Living is a project founded by a group of friends. How did it come about?

As an Architect and interior designer, furnitures is also one of my passions.

I have been looking for a great furniture that I want to introduce to our customers.
I had a chance to meet BertO and I fell in love with it.

I need a support for this new ventures so I spoke about this ideas to Hillary then eventually Charina, we all agreed to join our forces to bring BertO and introduce them to Singapore market and eventually Asia.

Teddy Sun - Showroom BertO Singapore

ReCasa Living has chosen to launch the first BertO showroom in Asia. Why BertO?

As mentioned in point 1 and 2.
All my life is dedicated to serve customer and I do that by having a “service by the heart” in my philosophy.

I believed I found the same energy when I met Filippo and BertO.

What do people in Singapore look for when it comes to interior design?

People in Singapore has high expectation on quality of products and also services by the interior designer and I think this is what ReCasa Living and BertO can offer as we have them both.

Tell us about the showroom: how do you picture clients interacting with these two spaces?

Our showroom has the same soul with BertO showroom in Italy, I believe our client will have the same experience and satisfaction while they touring our showroom and experience the products that we offer.

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