Paradigm Olivetti: a documentary-film which no society in the field of design should ever see.

Dear colleagues in the world of Design, we have seen the documentary-film by Davide Maffei “Paradigma Olivetti” about the life and work of Adriano Olivetti.

Follow the advice of someone who has already had this experience: don’t watch it, avoid it at all costs because it can have devastating side-effects.

paradigm olivetti berto at the Milan design film festival - programme 101

If you watch it you will start to have dangerous thoughts such as the importance of seeing beyond the project of the design itself, you will start extending your sights towards the vision of corporate culture.

Because that’s what Adriano Olivetti did.

If you watch it you will no longer be satisfied with your relationship with your designer, instead you will feel the need to motivate your warehouseman, your receptionist, your driver or the cooks in the canteen.

Because that’s what Adriano Olivetti did.

If you watch it you will end up considering the importance of the territory in which your society has prospered and you could even come to the conclusion that there is a connection between your talent and the ecosystem which has permitted it to develop.

Because that’s what Adriano Olivetti did.

If you watch it you will question yourself about the sense of what we are all doing and you will rack your brains trying to understand how we can create – above and beyond the beautiful products in our showrooms – a true, substantial difference in the social environment in which we live and work.

Because that’s what Adriano Olivetti did.

If you watch it you will understand, as we did, that every element of a great system such as Design has its own function, its own role and its own dimension which must be seen in a context bigger than the society itself.

Because still today, this is how Adriano Olivetti teaches us, with that which he was able to create, with the lesson which his legacy continues to teach us and with the beautiful film by Davide Maffei, he too inspired one thousand percent by the memorable figure of the great Adriano.

You can see the film Paradigma Olivetti by registering on the official platform of the festival.

paradigm olivetti berto at the Milano design film festival

Paradigma Olivetti: BertO at the Milano Design Film Festival 2020

The 2020 edition of the Milan Design Film Festival has given rise to a brilliant new collaboration between MDFF and BertO.

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