The exhibition New Craft ended. Now the revolution begins!

Last Monday one of the most revolutionary events of the last years has come to its end: we are talking about the exhibition New Craft, which was held by Stefano Micelli for the event “Design after Design” at the XXI Triennale in Milan.

How could we define it? It was not simply an exhibition, but a real creative meeting place, a unique exhibition of this kind on the cultural scenery in Italy.
It was the occasion for designers and artisans to meet and to face the world by using their experience and talent: artisans, businessmen, makers, designers and people coming from different fields were all there to show the great possibility of working together.

Surrounded by partners and friends who shared this long experience with him, Stefano Micelli shut the doors of La Fabbrica del Vapore where the exhibition New Craft has been taking place for these fast, hard but amazing months and this was the occasion to start thinking about a new great challenge.

New craft con stefano micelli

The exhibition New Craft was an astonishing meeting place for the most important people as for craftsmanship, innovation technology and project design: Riva 1920, Marrone Custom Cooking, Baldi, Berto Industria Tessile, Exnovo, Lino’s Tipe, Confartigianato with an extraordinary selection of bikes, and many other more.

Stefano Micelli coordinated all these firms and promoted the challenge of the exhibition New Craft. Everyone has contributed to write an important piece of history whose main character is a new sense of humanity: a working group, friends who have already been working together for a long time but thanks to this amazing experience they have become stronger and closer.

fresa riva 1920 new craft

When the exhibition opened Stefano Micelli presented his latest book “Fare è Innovare” and immediately it became the most important instrument to understand the feeling of the exhibition and to provide precise and clear meanings: relationship is the main ingredient for the new way of working as for artisans as well as for Italian designers.

Fare è Innovare

Once the exhibition ended at La Fabbrica del Vapore, we had one clear idea in our minds: as Stefano Micelli in his previous book “Futuro Artigiano” wrote, it is no more just a working team but a real and strong movement as he promoted some years ago.

Not only artisans but also cultural and political institutions are part of it: Mr. Tajani, Council Member of Milan District, who organized some initiatives about this issue, Lombardy Region and the “Legge Regionale Manifattura Diffusa Creativa e Tecnologica 4.0” (“Regional Law for widespread, creative and technological manufacture 4.0”), all creative ateliers promoted by Ministry of Education, University and Research within the national program of the govern for “Digital School”.

There are an increasing number of firms that use 3D Print as a production process and most of them are getting used to the new technology and the new way of communication and narration on their websites.

Crowdcrafting as well is no more a sporadic phenomenon some enthusiastic businessmen in the Brianza area were working at: it has become a way of working more and more people would like to be part of (with our Vanessa4newcraft we would like to mention the recent co-creation of the “Bicicletta Meneghina”).

la poltrona vanessa4newcraft terminata

We will keep a beautiful memory inside of us as for the XXI Triennale: we were there and had the chance of sharing the revolutionary view of this extraordinary group of people who are changing the way of producing and consuming by focusing on the web as the new platform for dialogue and fusion of different experiences and are not committed to the traditional way of working anymore.

See you very soon!

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