We are not giving up for any reason.

We want nothing but the best raw materials for our products.

This means 100% solid woods like; oak, maple, and mahogany, they are more expensive nevertheless they are our preferred choice.

We have the best artisans in the furniture making business, experts that use traditional methods passed down from generation to generation.

The equation is simple, the manual labor of master artisans plus only the highest quality raw materials and managements’ decision not to relocate our production facilities in the East, but give work to the people of the territory, all contribute to the quality of our products, and our prices reflect these choices.

For this reason, we want always to inform our customers of the choices we make, so they better understand why we can say our quality is the best and that we offer our products at the best price possible.

This openness is, in our opinion, what makes choosing one of our products the better choice.  And, we dare say, a cost-effective alternative when assessed over the long term.

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