What language does your sofa speak?

https://blog.bertosofas.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Berto-Chesterfield.pngWe have clients from all over the world visit our showroom, Russians, Europeans and Americans, it often seems that everyone is able to understand a universal language, even before we open our mouths.

We believe this because; beauty can be seen, comfort can be understood by sitting down and the work of an artisan is evident in the quality of our products. These characteristics do not need translation.

What about clients who don’t come to the showroom?  Well, we are ready to talk to them as well.

The conversations are the same, but the language changes depending on the clients preference.

For this reason, our web site, many of our blogs and video clips “PercheBerto” are in six languages.  Each language is represented by a flag corresponding to the following languages: Russian, French, Spanish, German, English and of course Italian.

All anyone has to do is click on the corresponding flag and they can read the post in the language of their choice.

Thanks to all who have followed our blogs and who read PercheBerto, we are waiting for your comments!

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