We listen to the hands of Flavio because they are not just talking words. 

This post is dedicated to Flavio Cairoli; furniture artisan, winner of the “Brianza Economica” in 2007 a prize given from the Chamber of Commerce to long term workers  who have more than 35 years with the same company.

Giving Flavio a compliment seems like saying words alone they lose some of their value when watching him work.

We like to compare people like Flavio, highly skilled craftsmen of “the Brianza”, to the same people that build Ferraris at the Maranello factory.

They are truly one of kind, just like the products they create and Flavio is no different, he’s able to turn a piece of leather into a work of art.

They are part of a unique group of experts that contribute to the incredible human resources of Italy.

That’s why we listen to Flavio’s hands.

We want to thank Flavio, for his dedication and admirable skill; we are thinking of ways to pass on this wealth of knowledge for the good of our children and for generations to come.

Italian Master Artisan


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