What music can you listen to surfing the world of BertO?

It may not seem relevant mentioning music when we deal with design, sartorial upholstery and furnishing,  but then….

What is one of the most pleasant and comforting sensations we look for in our surroundings when we are perhaps relaxing on a comfortable sofa?
Exactly: music.

Let’s confess it, we have selected our musical collection with the artistic passion which is part of us (the electric guitars in the various BertoLive areas are witness to this).

Whoever has visited our Berto Salotti showrooms is familiar with the area which we call BertoLive. It is totally relaxing area with a unique furnishing style, an extra-large fridge well-stocked with locally made artisan beer and a remarkable outstanding feature: a refined collection of vinyl records.

PlayBertoLive la playlist dello spazio bertolive

And this is where we have brought together our “musical streak” and our profession.

And the common denominator of all this? The passion for everything we do.

It is the passion with which musicians and artists, whether they are famous or unknown, live their lives.

It is the unconditional passion which guides the hands, the minds and the hearts of our master craftsmen and of all those who work in our company.

It is the true passion demonstrated by all those who are the protagonists of the BertoLive events which we periodically organise to give space to people who have a particular passion in any field.  (so far we have organised several such events and each time it has been a revelation).

But we have not yet reached the focal point of the question… the music. To live and to listen to.

Obviously we have our preferences and our personal taste which – as well as creating a special atmosphere in BertoLive – can also be lived on-line.

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