If someone were to ask “why” are we doing #divanoXmanagua.

https://blog.bertosofas.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/bracciolo-chester-berto.pngIn just under one week on Thursday, January 31st, we will embark, “together”, on a very particular adventure.  We want to encourage anyone who would like to participate to come to our laboratory in Meda, we want you to be part of the project; the design process and the production of the sofa for Managua, #divanoXmanagua.

“Together” means: the man on the street, a past client, anyone who wants to “get their hands dirty” by doing what we do every day, the work of an upholsterer.

The students from the AFOL Upholstery School in Meda, will be there with us to learn, in the factory, in the presence of their teachers.

Workshops dates: 13/2, 28/2, 14/3, 28/3 and 11/4. In Meda, Rome and Milan, during the FuoriSalone.

Our partner in this initiative is, Terre des Hommes Italy, which will devote all of the proceeds of the sale of the sofa to the students of the School for Carpenters in Managua, Nicaragua.

Yes, it’s true this sofa will be auctioned to the highest bidder. (The auction will be carried out online, perhaps even live, during the final workshop, that is, if we find an auction house willing to cooperate).

We hope that you can imagine the work and effort we are putting into this project, that is for charity, we are a small company and this is a big project.

However, if someone were to ask us:

Why are you doing this?

We have the answer ready:

Because we believe. 

We believe in humanitarian aid and we believe in our work, we believe in it so much that we are willing to face the eventual difficulties, even to the huge task and responsibility of training young people, which in the end only enhances our work as master craftsmen.

Thanks in advance to those who participate, even if you only help to spread the word.

If you really want to know, “Why are you doing this?  You can find the answer at #whyberto 🙂

terre des hommes divanoXmanagua

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