The project #divanoXmanagua as seen from the school. Interview with the Director of Training, at the School for Upholsters, AFOL Meda, Angelo Longo.

Listen to this short video – Angelo Longo, director of training at the School for Upholsters, AFOL – Agency of Training Guidance and Work in Meda, he sees three important elements in the shared project #divanoXmanagua:

  1. -The project clearly shows that: scholastics are coming closer to the real world of production. 
  2. -The project gives young people real training in the laboratory, in addition, they are in contact with the event on a daily basis with the web.
  3. -The project: in collaboration with Terre des Hommes, will have the proceeds from the sale of the sofa, which will be sent to the students of the School of Carpentry in Managua, who are less fortunate than themselves, the meaning of this gesture creates a sense of solidarity. 

In the video, Dr. Longo thanks Berto Salotti for the shared opportunity, but in reality, we would like to also thank the school for the opportunity to make the investment in young people, who we believe are the future. We understand from a major report in our own industry, young people are the key element of craftsmanship.

The enthusiasm of teachers of the school, not to mention, the young men attending the course, both share in our optimism that encourages us to continue on the path of developing artisan talent, in a region, the Brianza, that has given already so much to the world.

So, do not miss the workshop sessions of #divanoXmanagua: the first is scheduled for Thursday, January 31st in Meda!

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