Meeting the #sofa4manhattan designers: 3 questions to Marcel Marquez.

Marcel Marquez DesignerAs you know, we are sharing views on Design and Co-creation experiences with all the designers involved in the January Co-design session, when – in the beautiful premises of the Design-Apart loft – we have worked together in order to define the best possible concept for a Manhattan sofa.

The result of this exceptional team effort is about to be realised, in the crowd-crafting session of March 29th in New York. 

In a few days we will work on #sofa4manhattan together with designers, Master Artisans and normal Manhattan citizens interested in trying to be an… Italian artisan for one day!

And now, enjoy todays’ interview is with Marcel Marquez.

Berto Salotti: What influence did the experience of the workshop and working with other people have on you?

Marcel Marquez: The sofa4manhattan workshop was a great experience for me to be able to share my ideas.

I always believe that it is good to get feedback for ideas, in order for them to be able to grow and further develop.

Working with others is great because you get to see other people’s thought processes, perspective, and insights which can help you realize how to further improve your own work, and also share your own views to help develop other’s work.

BS: What expertise did you bring to the project and how did you approach the workshop?

MM: I approached the workshop with an open mind and ready to explore many possibilities.

I believe I brought the ability for adjustability and function into the workshop, expressing that a sofa can be made to fit a certain user need and can used more than just a seat or lounging piece.

BS: Can you explain your design for the sofa4manhattan?

MM: My final design was derived from the idea of Gianni Zanin.

A simple construction of bars with a soft material suspended between to serve as the seat, and cushions placed on top for added comfort.

My sofa was inspired by a beach chair, in the aspect that the incline angle would be able to be adjustable depending on the user’s preference.
A more simplified version of it was a basic suspension seat without the adjustability.

BS: Thank you Marcel, we appreciate your being part of this Design team!

Let’s get on to phase 2 now, the actual making of the wonderful #sofa4manhattan design, this coming Saturday March 29th, @ the Design-Apart loft: 110 W 25th street, 2nd floor, New York, NY. 

See you there!


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