The Network of Artisans. The Opening of the Territory. Communication. The video of the fourth workshop of the #divanoXmanagua.

We’ve already said that the false barriers of our “competitors”, of whom share the same title of Artisan, fell for a few hours last week during the fourth session of #divanoXmanagua, on March 14th.

Many of you already know how important our territory, the Brianza is to us and to the rest of the world, for 200+ years we have done the work of the Artisan.

And, finally, thanks to our blog, thanks to “live twitting” with the hash tag #divanoXmanagua on Twitter, thanks to our facebook page Berto Salotti dedicated to the event, and Storify, our YouTube videos of the various workshops … you should know by now the value we place on communication, on timely updates and the finishing of our what we start.

Not for any reason can you miss the new video of the #divanoXmanagua, where we speak about all that we have done so far and in particular you can see our fantastic team hard at work on a great sofa!

Do not miss our next workshop on April 2nd: it will be the last in our laboratory in Meda. The 6th workshop will be the last, on April 11th at the Fuori Salone in Ventura Lambrate!

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