The next Berto Salotti sofa will not be made by Berto Salotti but by you and will be known as a the “divanoXmanagua”.

There are two things – in our business – that take priority over everything else.

The first is the value of artisan craftsmanship.

The second is the future of artisan craftsmanship.

We are announcing an exciting new initiative and it involves both of these factors.

As of January 31, 2013,  Berto Salotti, in collaboration with the School for Upholsterers AFOL in Meda and Terre des Hommes, a humanitarian association will be conducting a workshop on upholstery. 

All 6 sessions will be open to the public, students, housewives, literally anyone who would like to participate in the project.  Our goal is to create a new sofa, collectively, under the guidance of master craftsmen with the involvement of anyone who wishes to be part of this exciting experience and wonderful opportunity.

We believe this project will give lay persons a greater understanding of the value created by a true artisan, in our case a master craftsman with 40 years of experience, will work beside teenagers, housewives and students  sharing their knowledge and their expertise of Italian upholstering traditions.

Anyone, and we repeat anyone, skilled or unskilled,  may participate in one or more of the  sessions. The supervision of the project will be directed by team Berto who will also ensure that the work is performed according to all safety laws. 

But we still haven’t told you about the most important aspect of the project. know your time will be well spent because not only will you have the opportunity to work with highly skilled artisans, but you will be helping the less fortunate of Managua, Nicaragua, by partnering with Terre des Hommes. The sofa upon its completion will be auctioned and all the proceeds will benefit young people beyond the borders Italy.

We will be helping; disadvantaged young people while honoring a type of work that has a long history of solidarity in occupations like carpentry, wood carving, rock laying and other artisan labor.  Italy has led the world for centuries with the skills and talents of artists and artisans of all types, we believe the #divanoXmanagua project will send a message to the world of the value and beauty in creating something with your hands that can only be defined in one way: Italian.

Terre des Hommes will direct the humanitarian aspect of the project to ensure that all of the proceeds from the auction of the completed sofa will be donated to the School for Carpenters in Managua, Nicaragua.

The project, #divanoXmanagua  is our idea to inaugurate the year 2013.

It is little more than an experiment based on our enthusiasm … and little else.  If you believe, like we do that “divanoXmanagua”  is a good idea too, then: we invite you to give us your hands (literally), become a participant in the project, there’s room for everyone, help us spread the word, we trust you won’t be disappointed.

By working together we can change the conditions of life for young people who deserve a better future, at the same time you will be given a unique educational opportunity to work with master craftsmen and learn their secrets.

In 2013, we hope to improve the conditions of life for a few young people, by doing so we believe this will better the lives of us all.

Join us on the following dates- become a participant!

Dates: 31/1 (Meda) – 13/2 (Meda) – 3/3 (Rome) – 14/3 (Meda) – 28/3 (Meda) – 11/4 (Milan Design Week – Fuorisalone VenturaLambrate)

Stay Informed:

Here is the registration page to receive information and become a participant.

Here is the Facebook page about the first session on the 31st of January, in Meda.  

Follow us on Twitter: # divanoXmanagua

Thanks in advance for your support and your participation!

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