The invitation to Terre des Hommes to participate in the project, #divanoXmanagua in the words of Paolo Ferrara.

To be able to collaborate, on the subject of, what is value is always a privilege.

For us at, Berto Salotti, to develop the training project and solidarity for the project, divanoXmanagua with the collaboration of Terre des Hommes, participants will learn firsthand the significance of their participation, which gives importance to the role of the individual, who can make a contribution.  This is an opportunity for personal growth.

We are also grateful to Paolo Ferrara, who from the first moment has shown enthusiasm and willingness to support the project,  divanoXmanagua.

We would like to remind everyone that the first working session of “divanoXmanagua” – will be held in Meda on Thursday, January 31st and is open to everyone.

Here is the event on Facebook, and the official registration page.

We hope to see you there!

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