The video of the third session of #divanoXmanagua. Rome, Sunday, March 3, 2013.

The workshops of the #divanoXmanagua are always improving, they are constantly enriched by new participants with new energy, and we must not forget the loyal students from the Upholstery Training Centre of the AFOL, in  Meda, they never fail to prove themselves … even in Rome, and even on Sundays!

A special note of thanks goes to the Girl Geek Dinner group of Roma, our partners in the event; of whom enthusiastically participated on the elaboration of the capitonné, evidence of their efforts can be seen in the numerous photos taken in our showroom during the event in Roma.

At the closing of another workshop, a further step forward was taken in the realization of this important project.  We look forward to your participate in the fourth workshop, on Thursday, March 14th, in Meda!

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