What will #divanoXmanagua look like? Let’s ask the designers.

https://blog.bertosofas.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/castello-lagravinese-studio.jpgAs  January 31st approaches the project, #divanoXmanagua, comes into being.

The first, of six workshops, scheduled for Thursday, January 31st, will be led by the designers, Alessandro Castello and Maria Antoinetta Lagravinese, both are from CASTELLO LAGRAVINESE STUDIO.

Young, successful and with considerable experience in the furniture industry, as you can see by their website, they will direct us in the first phase of #divanoXmanagua project.

“We work every day with the skilled craftsmen of Brianza, and, we understand that without them our ideas could not take shape.  It is, for this reason that we have enthusiastically joined the project # divanoXmanagua: to meet young future craftsmen and women, who will dedicate a part of their lives to the project, thanks to Terre des Hommes, will bring hope to other young people in Nicaragua …. For us, the project will be a great challenge but well worth the investment of time and energy. “

Fanatical as they are in the care of every detail, you can bet, Alessandro and Marie Antoinette will follow every  stage of co-creation of the couch, well beyond the first session on its design!

On  January 31st,  they will show us precise shapes, colors and the materials of sofa design, so that our creation will take a proper shape … as we all want it to be: beautiful.

Participating in the event include our partners from, Terre des Hommes, the Institute AFOL along with the students from the Course on Upholstery, as well as all of you … together.  We cannot wait until  Thursday!

Get ready, sharpen your pencils and polish your glasses, because the shape of the project is still only in our heads, in a few days we will see for the first time the much anticipated # divanoXmanagua.

Thank you, in advance, to all who would like to share the experience with us, and if you have not yet registered, you can do so on the official page or at Facebook events.

We look forward to seeing you in Meda, on Thursday, January 31st, in our showroom on Via Piave #18, Berto Salotti from 18.00 to 20.00.

You are also invited to the five other workshops: February 13th and 28th, March 14th and 28th,  and April 11th.  


[picture of Simonin Jean Christophe]

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