“Why” vanessa4newcraft.

What is happening on Tuesday, 7th June 2016?

vanessa4newcraft crowdcrafting berto triennale milano
The answer is always about us: it is not enough for us just to produce and sell the products we manufacture. We have been in love with our job for 40 years and we try to do our best every single day. That is the reason why we want to share our passion with others by opening our laboratory.

We will work together with upholsterers coming from different parts of Italy, with students, common people, friends and designers and we will try to realize our armchair Vanessa at the New Craft Exhibition.

This will happen on Tuesday, 7th June 2016.

The New Craft Exhibition is inside the “Fabbrica del Vapore”, an extremely important place for all of us: it represents the new way of working of our modern artisans, a combination between tradition and innovation: the perfect mix of fine upholstery tailoring and technological innovation as for denim fabric and 3D printing used for design and comfort.

The name of this project will be vanessa4newcraft: you might be one of our friends who will share this experience with our KingFlavio in the realization of this armchair.

Vanessa4newcraft is our third crowdcrafting project after divanoxmanagua and sofa4manhattan: we are really excited about it as we know that it will be a magical experience and a special moment for all of us.

We have the opportunity to learn, to share feelings and, above all, to enjoy this day together.
We will wait for you!

And if they ask you the reason why we do all this, then simply answer: whyberto. 🙂

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