72 turns of Circus for your project.

Details can transform every single idea into an exclusive project and accessories can make the difference: they create contrasting matches or define the profiles of the most important furniture.

That is the reason why we created an exclusive collection of coffee tables designed by BertO Design Studio, which are the perfect accessories for our sofas, armchairs, and sofa beds.

Circus modern coffee table

Our aim is to combine our sofas, modern, linear or sectional ones, up to the classic Chesterfield, with modern and elegant finishing for the coffee tables and we have got up to 70 different proposals.

Thanks to an amazing combination of natural materials, such as solid wood and marble, the coffee tables Circus can be produced totally custom made up to the last detail, as for all models from BertO Collection.

Our proposal for modern and minimal environment is the coffee table Circus with lacquered top, available in “ottanio”, “marsala” or dust grey colors, and a precious bevel underneath which offers a particular light effect.

Our coffee table Circus is available with Carrara, Black and Gold or Marquinia marble top and it is perfect for elegant and bright environments. Thanks to the combination of material and nuances these coffee tables are the ideal accessories to combine with leather or velvet sofas.

Circus coffee table with Carrara marble top

You can buy our coffee tables even online and have them custom made as for sizes and top and base finishing.

Would you like to have some advices? Just contact us! We are at you complete disposal to help you in choosing your custom made coffee table as for sizes, finishing and details.

Send an email to servizio.clienti@bertosalotti.it or dial the number +39-0362-333082
Tavolini e comodini Circus

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