#BertoLive: welcome in the showroom where the sofa is the last thing you will pay attention to.

From the fine scent of leather up to the great taste of home brewed beer, from the Ramones music up to the capitonné finishing.
Welcome in the showroom where the sofa is the last thing you will pay attention to.

How can we define a shop nowadays?
What is the meaning of “Showroom” for a customer?
Which are the best experiences you can offer in the retail world?

We are sorry, but we do not have an answer to these questions.

But we have a proposal, that’s for sure.
A very simple but ambitious proposal at the same time: we would like to welcome you in a place for our soul, not a classical retail shop.
But be careful, we are not founding a new church of course…:-)

We are still the passionate and creative artisans working in Brianza, we still produce handmade sofas, beds and furniture.

But during these days we have decided to change our showroom, we consider it as an important change because we have created a new atmosphere to welcome you…here we are, we have already discover an important part of this change.

The taste.

One of the five senses. We have created a special place that is going to touch all your 5 senses.
(We can imagine what you are thinking about now…”Berto, do you want me to taste one of your sofas?”… Don’t worry: in our fridge you will find more delicious things to eat!)

We were talking about the five senses: Music. Hand brewed beer. Meetings. Scent of leathers.
Tactile walls and materials to touch.
A vinyl to play and memories to recall…”Do you remember when…” or “Have you ever heard it?”

A record player with music on and the desire to be what we really are without thinking of the sofa but just using it for what it is made for: to sit and relax, to make us feel good and to share some intense, beautiful moments together with you.

Welcome to #BertoLive. A place in the world that recalls a home feeling rather than a showroom.
A special place where – as it is at home – all friends are always welcomed.

We are waiting for you here.

BertoLive showroom Berto Salotti Meda

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