What should never be missing from a new home?

Finding your dream home is almost a titanic task because, as we all know, there are many factors to take into account: you want a location that is well serviced but with a human scale, possibly not far from your place of work and with sports facilities. And what about walking the dog?

When you have finally found the solution, another scenario opens up: how should you furnish it?

“I feel like I’m going crazy – because now I have to furnish a house and I don’t know where to start!”
This is a phrase BertO interior designers hear very often from our customers.

What we advise is to stay calm – because the solution for furnishing your home is much simpler than you imagine.

Living room with Time Break sectional sofa in Navona fabric 2022 - BertO

Whether it is a penthouse or a studio in the city centre, a country villa or a holiday flat. What matters is that it is finally yours and will be with you for a very long part of your life.

This moment is electrifying and must be experienced in all its intensity until your house is furnished. It is an emotionally demanding journey, which is why I advise you to make the most of it and to experience it calmly and without panic, with the certainty that the result will satisfy you completely.

You just have to find a way to properly fill this still “empty” environment to make it “full“, but be careful! It is not so obvious and the way you do it will be the key to achieving a beautiful home from a still-empty house.

Details of Time Break sectional sofa and Emilia mustard velvet armchair - BertO

To help you, I suggest you imagine a list of words and a poem.
A list can be a shopping list, functional but aseptic, while a poem caresses your mind.
Both are just words and punctuation, but what makes the difference is their arrangement on paper!

The same applies to furnishing your new home.
Imagine a set of accessories, even designer ones, but bought here and there at different times according to the taste of the moment and maybe years apart… and now imagine a perfectly harmonised design project in the space.

The first solution might seem the easiest, but it will lead to a jarring result because the individual pieces were purchased at different times and perhaps in different shops. In short: you just “filled it in” by taking a long time and mixing a variety of styles and colours. A disaster!

If you don’t want your home to end up being simply filed in, but furnished according to your desires, then we at BertO can offer you a design service that accompanies you from the start, step by step, to make this a beautiful and memorable journey, just like the result we will achieve together.

Furnishing project for the living room of your new home - BertO

What makes the difference in transforming a list of words into poetry and a house into a beautiful home is the ability to interpret desires and make them a reality with a targeted and coordinated design that takes into account all possible factors such as square footage, the brightness of rooms, the layout of sockets and, of course, the choice of accessories. Nothing is ever left to chance, but taken care of down to the smallest detail and right from the start.

This is what BertO’s interior designers do every day when they listen to each client’s wishes with competence and professionalism, asking exactly what their home needs.
Based on the aesthetic and functional requirements, they furnish spaces with exclusive, bespoke designs tailored to the clients’ personalities. It is the same meticulous care with which the individual pieces of the BertO Made in Meda Collections are made in the workshop in Meda.

The ability to interpret is fundamental and is reflected in Dream Design projects with an elegant and prestigious style thanks to the complete customisation of every single accessory, designed by the Castello Lagravinese Studio art directors to be fully co-ordinated in terms of materials, dimensions and finishes.

This is the skill we have at BertO: to indulge the tastes of each customer and furnish the most beautiful homes in the world, because all our customers are as special as their homes and their happiness is our greatest satisfaction.

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