How to choose the features of your bed to create the room of your dreams

When you are thinking about furnishing your bedroom, certain details must be considered as soon as possible, such as the characteristics and design of your bed.

There are many variables to consider, well before you focus on a particular model: the dimensions of the room, light exposure, the presence or absence of cupboards and drawers, the position of power sockets, and, of course, the overall look you want to achieve by having each element in perfect harmony.

I’m telling you this because the most common mistake is to simply fill the room, without careful planning, which runs the risk of obtaining a result completely different from what you wanted.

Choosing the characteristics of your bed carefully is important precisely because of the reasons I mentioned- to obtain the design of your dreams, and above all to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

Our collection is designed based on an in-depth study into bed design, and complementary coverings and accessories, considering all the details which can make a difference in your personal project.

So, here’s how to choose the features of your bed in order to create the room you’re dreaming of.

Chelsea bed in green leather moodboard - BertO

Soho: very soft headboard for a welcoming comfort

The Soho bed by BertO is designed for those who love to relax in bed whilst reading a book or watching a film. Its headboard is designed for your relaxation, with an exquisite and welcoming cushion. Its slight angle invites us to let ourselves go in what we, and our customers, have often called a “soft embrace”.

There is another feature which makes the headboard of the Soho bed unique: it fits directly into the bed frame, unlike most on the market, making the design of your entire bed, and of your room, elegant

The seams are perfectly designed to draw the perimeter of the padding, and to keep it soft and voluminous to the eye.

Soho bed in leather by BertO

Chelsea: exquisite design and details

The Chelsea bed by BertO is created for those who don’t want to give up design, even in the bedroom. The bed frame is thin and is supported by slightly angled black or walnut-stained oak feet.

The headboard has all the comfort of an upholstered bed with all the sartorial details of a true iconic piece for your room: the quilted cushion, in fact, rests on the thin and slender headboard, today representing the flagship of the BertO research and development team.

The unique characteristic of the Chelsea design is the unmistakable leather strap which wraps around the headboard and supports the cushion: a truly exquisite detail, which can coordinate perfectly with accessories in your room, such as bedside tables, sheets, or armchairs which are essential in your project.

Chelsea bed in leather by BertO

Leather or fabric?

The choice of upholstery is certainly as important as the design and characteristics of your bed.
The thing which you need to keep in mind is that the whole BertO Leather and Fabric Collection is based on the models we design.

In fact, not all materials are suitable for all models: this applies to sofas too but especially to beds.
One example is the Martin leather from the new BertO collection, which we have used thinking about its durability, its softness, its incredible elasticity, and its slightly shiny and elegant surface.

BertO’s Martin leather is perfect for highlighting the tailored stitching of some models from the BertO Collection and perfectly capable of wrapping the most sophisticated designs.

The Chelsea bed and the Soho bed are examples of this.

If you want to find out how to create your dream bedroom, you can contact our interior designers and receive free advice on your project.

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