Riot Crrraft: or the birth of the COMMITTEE. And of the armchair Hanna.

Some days ago we have presented you the armchair Hanna and explained what it means for us.

Today we are actually proud to introduce you to the valiant members of the Riot Crrraft, a movement arisen out of the meeting between men and women and the most colorful expressions from Brianza; they have strongly worked on the prototype study for 8 long months, without taking a relaxing moment, in order to realize a piece of furniture we are so proud of from the first up to the last centimeter.

Among these people we can mention Flavio, Giorgio, Alessandro, Marco, Carlo, Roberto, Cristiano, Marco, Filippo, the grease monkey, the pharmacist, our customers that were there in the right place at the right time and our friends that have supported us with their precious help.

The armchair Hanna is waiting for you in our showrooms: you can have a look at it, purchase it totally custom made and make it the main protagonist of your interior project.

Discover how: send an email to or dial or number +39-0362-333082 and talk with Maurizio, Arianna, Fabio, Cristina and Marion.

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