The “Caribbean Upholsterers” furnish the Suites at the Calabash Hotel.

Our aim was to furnish such great location where the brightness of the natural light and warmth of the wood around are the main elements. The light is the one of the Caribbean islands and the wooden part of them is just outside the big glass windows facing the sea.

We have furnished the Suites at the Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa in Grenada and this was the result of many working months spent together with designers, Caribbean architects, the manager of the Calabash Hotel, experts in upholstery and design, BertO consultants and highly qualified fabric producers.

Suite Calabash Hotel Granada - berto salotti

The beginning of this story dated July 2015 with a special catalogue request coming from St. James, Grenada, in the Caribbean. Starting from the catalogue on we have realized specific models as for sofas, sofa beds and armchairs trying to get a modern and sophisticated way to furnish the Suites at the Calabash Hotel and by using the most exclusive and technological fabrics and the most refined finishing.
Our aim was to make this resort an unforgettable and unique experience to live.

The architect in charge of the furniture and our consultant Marion, our fabric expert, have started working together by email and on the phone, that is what we call in #BertOProjects’s way “digital tailoring”: soon after some pictures they selected drawings, material research, fabric proposals, finishing and production photos.

Campionario tessile BertO

They have chosen the most suitable covers as for climate and final destination of the products: a wide range of fabrics was given directly to the Manager who could choose all the covers for the Suite furniture.

The final choice has underlined the importance of the natural light by using fresh, light and white fabrics.

cucito rivestimento divano bianco Every part of the cover has been sewed like an haute couture dress.

divani su misura online BertO

Laboratorio Berto meda
Our furniture consultants have followed each part of the production inviting the customer to be a virtual part in our laboratory together with our upholsterers Flavio Cairoli and Carlo Berto.

Today we can admire the results of these long and amazing working days and we are really proud of what we have realized: first of all we have started with the idea of a highly refined upholstery project together with our customer and we have selected models, materials and delivery procedure of products.
Thanks to the “digital tailoring” process our customer has followed every step of the working production without moving from his office in Grenada.

The second reason can be found in the Calabash Hotel itself: this resort offers an unbelievable and personalized relax thanks to the 40 years experience of the upholsterers coming from the Brianza area.
We can call our working team the “Caribbean upholsterers”.

Thanks to our products we have made the Calabash Hotel one of the most elegant and exclusive resorts in the world and this is also confirmed by the CNN chart that sets the Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa at the 9th place among the world resorts and at the 2nd place as for the Caribbean area according to Trip Advisor.

Deluxe Living Room calabash hotel Grenada
If you would like to have some more information concerning the resort and the project, do not hesitate to contact us by email at or dial the number +39-0362-333082.


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