Time Break: perfect upholstery makes a perfect sofa

The Time Break sofa is a Designer modular seating system, the pièce de resistance of Made in Meda.

One of the most important and precious characteristics, which concerns both the Design and the quality of the sofa and which will give you lasting pleasure and quality, is the upholstery. 

BertO fabric and sofa collections

The concept of personalised upholstery, a blend of balance and elegance.

Time Break offers a range of completely removable covers both in fabric and leather but with a significant difference compared to the usual options which can be found on the market. 

With Time Break, in fact, we can offer a collection of fabric which has been conceived and realised exclusively for this model.

Unlike the producers and retailers who offer a wide range of general fabrics, we at BertO have preferred the idea that each of our models has a specific range of fabrics for the upholstery, exactly like people’s personal wardrobes.

Also from the point of view of the choices available, one would imagine that an infinite range of fabric with thousands and thousands of different possibilities would be the ideal situation….. but this is not the case.

Our experience, gained from long and recurrent contact with many of our customers, has taught us that it is not necessary to have an unlimited choice but rather to have a reduced but well studied range from which to choose, a range which will satisfy each person’s personal desires but without causing unnecessary confusion.

The key factor is the specific DNA of the sofa, created by combining the personality of the customer with the characteristics of the sofa.

The best personalisation is that which comes from people themselves.

Just like every person is different from the others, we at BertO strive to make sure that every Time Break sofa is personal and unique, an expression of the person who has chosen it.
Therefore the upholstery plays an extremely important role.

It is interesting to see how it is possible to render each piece unique, not because there is a vast, undifferentiated choice from which to choose, but thanks to a precise method.

A method which is based on the direct relationship with our customers, an approach which we have proudly cultivated over the years and which we carry forward in many ways but always following our philosophy of care for our customers which characterises Made in Meda.

Time Break is in fact one of the main protagonists in our relationship with our customers, it is at the centre of a constant and fruitful exchange of information and input of every type thanks to our customers’ 100% relationship directly with the society.

This is thanks to the fact that we deal personally with every aspect of the relationship, personally and without the intervention of any intermediary.

From creating a prototype, to the engineering, the production in the workshop, the assistance of our interior designers in our showrooms, to the logistics and post-sale service, no phase in the BertO production chain is left to external collaborators.

Right from the beginning this approach has been based on our strong belief that the upholstery has an extremely important, fundamental role in the creation of a sofa. And this is one of the substantial differences between BertO and many of the other societies who treat the upholstery as a generic, additional, residual factor. 

The role of the workshop in the meeting between upholstery and design.

For these reasons we have put together a range of fabrics which are excellent under every point of view, fabrics which put comfort and performance in first position.

Always with the aim of guaranteeing our customers a superior and lasting performance, something that is constantly at the centre of our attention.

These aspects of our work are fulfilled thanks to complete collaboration in which our artistic director from the Castello Lagravinese studio works closely with our pool of expert tailors and upholsterers and with our partners in the weaving sector, all closely followed with passion and attention by our CEO Filippo Berto.

Top-level teamwork which, thanks to the joint effort of the numerous experts involved, allows us to enhance the lines of our sofa with the best quality fabrics, a perfect blend of Design, functionality and comfort.

Here we must also question the myth according to which the upholstery has no effect on the comfort: on the contrary the fabric is one of the absolute protagonists because the depth of the weave, the combination of the fibres, the consistency and the fit are all factors which, together with the form, influence not only the aesthetic look of the sofa but also its comfort.

Colour, weight and texture.

The choice of shades for the Time Break sofa are not just general colours but shades specially created for our world, our models. They are all colours which have been exclusively created for our collection.

Also the weight and the texture are characteristics which determine the dimensions and volumes: in a sophisticated Design, this can make the difference. 

Now let’s talk about curves and soft padding in goose-down or about the specific carving on the armrests or about the gentle lines of the structure, all of which contribute to its particular character.

This is why we continue insisting on presenting the upholstery as the absolute protagonist of the Design!.

Normal upholstery could never create an effect even remotely similar. On the contrary it would only damage the original design and mediocre padding which in time would cause problems such as bad fit, a creased effect and a look of excessive wear and tear.

At the root of everything: the weave from which the collections are made.

In order to produce the most suitable fabric, we have to start right from the texture working together with the technicians who are personally responsible.

So here we have to seriously study a way to develop the perfect combination based on the percentage of natural fibres compared to synthetic fibres to ensure that the weave has a certain strength, also considering the dimensions, the number and the type of cushion. 

The upholstery created and selected for the Time Break sofa can be found in two ranges in the Navona and Giglio collections.

The tints in these collections are the result of the careful process described in the previous paragraphs, with particular compositions such as the addition of acrylic fibres with cotton, linen and viscose in various percentages in order to obtain the perfect cover for this model.

The articles in both the Giglio and Navona collections have compositions (in terms of data sheet and weight) with specific blends ideal for the weight and the characteristics of the Time Break sofa.

Maintenance and top quality finishes.

We always give our customers detailed indications regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the sofa. We give every fabric a specific stain-resistant and mite-repellent finish in accordance with the regulations in force. 

When we present our customers with the sofa we show them how to open the cushion covers to air the padding but we can go even further with our special service in which one of BertO’s trusted collaborators visit the customer’s home to offer any assistance necessary.

The BertoCare service, for a personalised assistance in your own home. 

With our BertoCare service we can visit the customer’s home and personally provide the necessary maintenance of your sofa.

Depending on the option you have previously subscribed to, you will receive a visit, directly in your home, from professional upholsterers appointed by our society, who will remove the cushion covers and take them to be professionally cleaned in centres specialised in upholstery fabrics. When the cleaning has been completed, your sofa will be re-upholstered to perfection both for its aspect and for lasting comfort.

At the same time, there will be a check-up to control the condition of the padding. Ask fot further infomation about BertoCare service.
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