Time Break sofa: the top design in the world of comfort.

Time Break is a modular seating system created to realise sophisticated solutions.

One of the fundamental characteristics of the Time Break sofa is its comfort.

Time Break sectional sofa made by berto the dream design made in meda

Where does Time Break’s comfort come from? Years of work which still continue today. 

The comfort of Time Break is unique, it has been specially designed and produced based on studies which have been going on for years, taking into consideration various elements: our direct experience with the distribution, the information which we gain day after day regarding our customers’ tastes and the constant work of interaction and feedback that we carry out with everyone in the supply chain.

Then there is the continual activity carried out in the workshop where various professionals work together, always willing to study new ideas and innovations.

In BertO all this never stops, always open to the constant evolution of comfort for all the sofas, promptly utilising that which is discovered in the research department. In BertO we are passionate about continual improvement.

How can we avoid the showroom effect, the unpleasant surprise which nobody wants?

We have often met customers who were unhappy with previous experiences when buying a designer sofa. The problem they complained about was always the same: the sofa they tried and chose in the showroom did not have the same effect once they placed it into their homes, when it became part of their everyday lives.

We discovered that this was the case both with large retail brands – where we could easily accept that research and development wasn’t a priority- but also with well-known brands where we would expect a much higher level of care and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our experience, one of the characteristics we have noticed is that the life of a sofa after the showroom is totally different than when it is on display and being presented to potential buyers. 

Once it gets home, the sofa “really starts to live”, with the intensity that we all recognise. The sofa becomes the centre of relationships between people, in our daily life it is where people get together, it is a comfortable haven for all the members of the family at any time of the day, evening and often even at night. Relaxation and conviviality are truly synonymous of the word “sofa”.

Obviously none of this happens in the showroom and for this reason, we at BertO have worked tirelessly.

Time Break sofa with chaise longue comfort champion made by berto the dream design made in meda

Aesthetics + Ergonomics, because “beautiful” must non exclude “comfortable”.

Since both of these qualities are inseparable, the project must be able to satisfy both the aesthetic aspect and the ergonomic aspect.

One of the characteristics of the “Dream Design Made in Meda” is its ability to blend together these two complex aspects. Not something to be taken for granted according to many of our customers.

To obtain a result of absolute comfort without detracting from the aesthetic aspect is something which is possible only for those who, like BertO, take into consideration important studies in terms of Design.

In this case Design means, above all, an analysis of the proportions, the height and the form so that they can support a correct sitting position, welcoming and relaxing. Too often the opposite happens when, even with designer sofas, an excessive depth of the seats, the lack of lower back support and inadequate support for the shoulders all cause great discomfort.

The padding, the base of everything.  Material and their duration in time. Production techniques.

Although the study of ergonomics is important, another closely connected fundamental aspect regards the quality and the work process utilised for the padding.

The padding in the BertO sofas is specifically studied to retain its characteristics for many years.

This is one of the big differences between a society like BertO, who have developed a laboratory dedicated to research and development on this subject so making it a fundamental element of their productive strategy, and other societies who under-estimate this aspect of the production resulting in padding of an inferior quality.

In BertO, regarding the subject of “padding”, we work hard not only in the study, testing and production phases but we go even further: we involve our customers.

A lot of the excellent work which we carry out at all levels, but particularly in the padding, is the result of the relationship which we have established with the people who have chosen to buy a BertO sofa.

Not by chance are we the exclusive producers and retailers in our showrooms. We like to speak with our customers, we understand the personal needs for comfort of those who desire a BertO sofa and we involve them – thanks to meetings and targeted initiatives – with the choice of materials.

We realise that this is a unique and distinctive approach in a sector where many societies limit themselves either to only the production or only to the distribution through shop-keepers who, at the end, are responsible for the  relationship with the final customer.

So we promote with conviction and passion this “relational” aspect of our work, which in turn leads to an even higher quality of our products with the added pleasure of meeting people and exchanging ideas. 

time break sofa made by berto the dream design made in meda

A lot of work in our workshop which continues into our customers’ living rooms.

Our experience allows us to test infinite solutions in our workshop but not only.

This direct experience continues even after the customer has placed the sofa in their home and they have started to use it in their everyday lives and to enjoy the benefits.

In this phase, useful ideas often emerge, suggestions which lead us to test new variations which will allow us to evolve and create new models with continually increased comfort.

BertO’s concept of comfort is the result of a careful study of Design, of an increased knowledge of ergonomics and, as we have already said, of a caring and continual relationship with our customers.

This mix produces a constant improvement of all the materials.

The shape of a comfortable sofa, even after years of use, must retain its original beauty.

In this period, the Time Break sofa celebrates its 7 years of life. It is the result of thousands of hours of testing which have allowed us to continually improve this model while the constant exchange of ideas with our customers continue to give us precious input so that we can constantly improve the most important standard of quality: lasting comfort through the years.

Therefore the deformation of the materials, often under-estimated, is at the centre of our efforts.

Regarding this, an important point to consider is the presence of goose down in the padding.

Often padding in polyurethane foam presents – particularly in high class sofas – a high percentage of goose down. This is something which has an important effect on the problem of deformity of the materials.

Even if initially the sofa is very comfortable and attractive, without a correct work procedure the effect rapidly transforms and the sofa takes on a dishevelled and “lived-in” look.

carlo berto time break sofa feets

Defending the economic investment in a high-quality sofa.

The excessive deformation of the materials causes a problem at two levels, aesthetic and economic. 

The new sofa, bought just a short time ago and probably the result of an important economic investment, starts to look ugly, old, too lived-in and dishevelled and consequently even ordinary maintenance becomes difficult.

Apart from this, it could also be a question of comfort. Materials which quickly deform start to lose their ability to support the body. The down or the polyurethane which rapidly loses its shape also becomes extremely uncomfortable.

The initial optimal effect quickly starts to disappear. Not necessarily after a couple of years, sometimes even sooner.

Only by careful research and development is it possible to offer a lasting, high-quality product.

BertO’s research and development: an activity requested by Filippo Berto in person.

BertO’s research and development centre, a laboratory dedicated to the study of these materials, is made up of a pool of Made in Meda professionals. The production manager and CEO of our society Filippo Berto, is the founder of this centre together with expert upholsterers and suppliers from our area.

They have just one aim: to produce top-of-the-market materials which will do their job day after day, year after year.

In this way the concept of lasting, resistant and non-deformable comfort was born.

An idea of comfort which must provide not only an initial welcoming sensation of softness and relaxation – certainly important concepts together with the Design – but which must also maintain these characteristics over time. 

This means giving our customers the chance to save time in daily maintenance but also to save the money of a new sofa.

An example of all this? Easy: a cushion which loses its shape quicker than the average cushion will need to be replaced unless you want to carry on using an uncomfortable material which doesn’t do its job properly.

This too is lasting quality, safeguarding many aspects, comfort, beauty and your economic investment.

time break sofa with chaise longue extra comfort berto the dream design made in meda

The guaranteed “Comfort Forever” method: an exclusive of BertO – Dream Design Made in Meda.

This brings us right to the obvious conclusion, even if not so obvious to everyone: a BertO sofa is always characterised by a guaranteed method – known as “Comfort Forever”– which commits our society to provide, on every single sofa, an optimal level of comfort which will last through the years.

A type of security which only the high standards of quality of BertO’s production and design can guarantee.

The BertoCare service for a personalised home assistance.

To this end we have created a special service which will give our customers the chance to receive a periodical visit  (we suggest annually) by one of our collaborators who will give your sofa a complete check-up in order to maintain the original beauty of your sofa and to ensure that you are satisfied with your chosen ambient.

Through the BertoCare service you will be able to continue to enjoy excellent levels of comfort and softness, more than with any other solution on the market. 

Ask now for your personal consultation with one of our interior designers and discover the comfort of Time Break for your furnishing project.

Time Break sofa comfort moodboard the dream design made in meda

Ask now for your personal consultation and create your own furnishing project with one of BertO’s Made in Meda interior designers

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