What do the “Ramones” have in common with a chesterfield sofa? Try and see!

Since #BertoLive was born this is exactly the most scaring question we are afraid of.

bertolive Ramones vinyl record collection

We see you wondering what we are talking about and that is the reason why we have decided to face it up directly without any hesitation: we know that while you are sitting on the chesterfield sofa with capitonné finishing, black denim cover and steel buttons you might be ashamed of asking us the reason for this strange connection, or maybe while you are looking at the coffee table Circus with copper brushed steel base you might ask:

“But explain it to me…what do the “Ramones” have in common with a chesterfield sofa?”

In other words:

“Why did you put a collection of punk rock records, a fridge full of amazing hand brewed beers and an electric guitar in a showroom full of sofas, armchairs and beds?”

Well, it’s time for us to reveal what is going on in our minds: the “Ramones” and the chesterfield sofa have nothing in common… except for our deep passion for both of them.

And then before judging us, why don’t you relax and sit on our armchair Emilia made of printed black leather with vintage effect and listen to “Glad to see you”?

And why not, with a good beer in your hand?

Try and see. We believe in it 😉

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