When lights turn off in our company.

There is a moment in every company when you turn off the lights and people go home.

But Giorgio Berto doesn’t. He doesn’t leave. He keeps on working even during these Christmas Holidays when all the others may take some days off.

He stays and works where tailors, seamstresses and upholsterers are used to have their working seats.

He doesn’t make do with one single seat: in a few moments he goes from one place to the other.

Carlo Berto co-fondatore berto salotti

Only few people can get the privilege of taking care of their own company even when the laboratory is officially closed for Christmas Holidays.

And then you discover we are talking about Giorgio Berto, the co-founder of BertO together with his brother Fioravante: his great and long experience in this company as master artisan allows him to recognize, even with his eyes shut, the difference between the chesterfield sofas he made with his own hands and the ones others did; he is always the first one to arrive in the morning and the last one to leave in the evening after closing the door of the laboratory.

Surrounded by an unreal silence – and you perfectly know the usual sounds in our BertO Fine Upholstery Atelier – he works on his projects and on everything he is able to create thanks to his 60-years experience as upholsterer and to his creative imagination.

And during these Christmas Holidays, for instance, he is working on a new saddle for a motorbike.

Carlo Berto tappezzeria sartoriale berto meda

Carlo Berto maestro tappezziere

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