Tina in Brianza

Recently, we had the pleasure to spend a few days in the company of the American designer, Tina Manis. Working together with her and the Design-Apart team, we made a very distinctive new sofa, destined for a special client and their new home in Chelsea, New York.

Tina Manis sul tavolo della Tappezzeria Sartoriale BertO

We only had three days to interpret the design and transform the project into a sofa; what seems worlds away is in reality nearer than you may think. Thanks, to the precise artisanship of a territory like the Brianza, where unique things emerge constantly, the ability of the experts at design-Apart and the fine upholstery studio of Berto, the project became a reality.

Today we are accompanying Tina on her journey to the Brianza and back. Remember, it is not only about designing and making sofas, package them or shipping them around the world.

Tina Manis at Berto Salotti Italy

It is a journey to find excellence in manufacturing: wheredesigners, prototype developers, wood workers and master artisans apply the best technology and workmanship, the results are nothing less than sophisticated.

Con Tina in Brianza

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