A dream called New York. We are proud to be involved in the project that wants to bring the excellence of Italian craftsmanship to the rest of the world: Design-Apart.

If we didn’t believe that dreams can come true, then maybe we wouldn’t be first-class entrepreneurs.

Opportunity presented itself when Diego Paccagnella and Stefano Micelli asked us to participate in Design-Apart, certainly an occasion not to miss.

What is it?

In our humble opinion, this is an innovative and very interesting project, which could lead to important changes in the world of Italian manufacturing.

In summary, Design-Apart aims to set up a “living showroom” in New York City, where a loft apartment is furnished exclusively with  decor from a small number of manufacturers of high quality hand-made Italian products.

The creator of the project, art director Diego Paccagnella, will actually live in the house with his family, giving the project a real and “alive” feeling, Italian style in a New York setting.

Berto Salotti was offered the chance to decorate the living room of this magnificent apartment: How could we possible say no?

And, moreover, the idea has begun to circulate it’s appeared in the media here and across the ocean: in Italy Filippo Santini spoke about it in Repubblica.it, a major Italian newspaper, in the United States Curbed New York and Elegran NYC are also writing about it.

It will be known as the “living showroom”. It could possibly be the answer to the strong need for international expansion of *small to medium Italian artisan companies (*PMI is for Piccole Medie Imprese).

We are betting that it will be and with us as contributors:

Auge 21 (Custom made Kitchens)

B-Stone (marble and granite)

Bosa (ceramic pottery)

Elica (kitchen fans)

Ermes Ponti (wood furnishings)

Exnovo (Lighting)

Marrone Custom Cooking (Cooking suites)

Milldue (Bathrooms)

Menotti Specchia (wood flooring)

Renata Bonfanti (Carpets)

Secondome (Glass furnishings)

Segno Italiano (Accessories)

TechLab Italy (Countertops) is currently searching for the perfect loft, we’ll keep you up to date on the evolution of the project!

If you would like to follow us and the project Design-Apart on Twitter, use the hashtag #livingshowroom.

[ULTIMORA 16/05/2013 – While we publish the post above: a major Italian newspaper La Stampa published a nice video interview with the founder of Design-Apart, Diego Paccagnella. At this link you can see the interview, where Diego explains very well the inspiration and the ideas related to the project]

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