BertO opens in Singapore: Filippo Berto’s message on the eve of departure

How does the brand BertO present itself in Singapore?
What will our company’s business card be?
What will we bring to our new partners?

We have given a lot of thought to these issues, which we consider to be of fundamental importance.

In these considerations, we identify with the need for a brand capable of forming and nurturing relationships, which we discussed in the previous post.
We know for certain – because we read it in their enthusiastic eyes, we understood it from their consideration, we heard it in their words of esteem – that our Singaporean partners have identified the BertO brand as an entity capable of moving the bar of customer relations higher, towards a more significant territory.

But relationships do not thrive just by existing: a relationship needs energy, investment, participation.
And content.

Within our work, the content we bring to our relationships is never solely instrumental, aimed at sales or a promotional approach, for example; that would be belittling and reductive.

And it is precisely this added value that is increasingly perceived and appreciated – and not only in Italy!

Laboratory Meda: Teddy Sun e Mavis

Our relationships are born and nourished by interesting content, which can range from conviviality – such as a party – to cultural occasions, such as a film festival, or even from initiatives that see the brand involved in social issues, in support of the territory, to projects linked to environmental sustainability.

So, Singapore?
What content do we bring to this new and important relationship?

We carry a message.
A powerful message, capable of inspiring the right people, with the right values and importance.

This message is the history of design, with its thousand-year-old roots, with its incredible heritage, with its historical and cultural evocations.

Made in Meda is a concept that encompasses a multitude of values. It constitutes the DNA of the very idea of design, as it has developed from our city of Meda over centuries of history, manufacturing and more.

Because while everyone sees Italy as the home of the best design, few are aware of the origins of the design phenomenon in the world.

Looking closer to Italy, and deepening the scope of the analysis, we discover that the origins of design as we know it today have their roots in the homeland of our brand: Meda.

The history of the manufacture of design originated over 1,000 years ago and has in many ways shaped the multiple manifestations of design excellence that we know so well.

This is what we will bring to Singapore: a value that transcends the centuries and makes us protagonists of the great history of design.

So we are humble ambassadors of Made in Meda, carrying both the responsibility and the message linked to this concept.

With the commitment to make our new partners in Singapore part of this marvellous history, which is deeply rooted in the past but which also looks towards the future, without borders.

ReCasa Living Team - Showroom BertO Singapore
Hillary, Teddy e Charina - ReCasa Living Partners
ReCasa Living Partners - Showroom BertO Singapore
Hillary, Teddy e Charina ReCasa Living Partners - Showroom BertO Singapore

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