#BertoLive. Because talent is a voice you need to express somehow.

In the history of a company (and in a businessman’s life) there are choices you take that have nothing to do with business, with income or with marketing strategies.

These choices are related to a deep and ancestral desire for something new, something different from your ordinary life, something that might be really important to you: we are talking about our instinct that goes beyond reason.

It is like a big shout.

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Why are we talking about shouts?

Well, we are about to introduce you into a very special place where shouts are extremely important: we do not only mean a shout coming from your mouth (and from an instrument!) but we are talking about a metaphoric shout you have inside yourself and you might not be aware of, it is a shout you do not want to hold anymore, it is the voice coming from the deep of your soul.

Do our words sound a little bit strange to you? What are we talking about? There will be a big surprise for you!

We are preparing something special we have been thinking about for a long time: it is our way to express our passions, our emotions and, why not, our way of working.

We have experienced how hard the management of a company might be, a company that is growing on the market according to the current trends. But we never forget what we feel inside of ourselves, what we believe in and what our DNA consists of.

What we are about to present you is a small piece of our DNA as we share the main idea that our company cannot be different from the way we are: it was not different since it was founded in the ‘70s, it is not different today and it will not be different in the future because it belongs to all of us.

We wait for you as soon as our “shout” is ready to be heard!

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