How to become the designer of your own comfort: the movie. Featuring the sofa Joey.

comfort and sectional sofa joey
Joey sectional sofa “sport” version

Only a star like our sofa Joey with removable Chaise Longue could take part in a video that is able to turn everyone into a new designer.

A common designer? Absolutely not! The designer of your own comfort!

Why? Because there is no coincidence in comfort at certain levels; because it is about a very personal choice; because it represents our personal needs; because our current desires matter; because it depends on the use of your sofa…
How many “Why”: and so why not a video clip of #WhyBerto?

We are not surprised if we have aroused your curiosity; the subject is really attractive and the video as well.

You just have to think that it’s not about him, it’s not about her and it’s not even about the other one; the killer is not exactly the butler, but you are the main protagonists of the video: you can create your own comfort.


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