How does an Italian artisan in Meda (the Brianza region of Italy) meet the sophisticated demands of a New York lawyer? Part one.

The question is not rhetorical.

From the time, we were asked to be involved in the #LivingShowroom project by Design- Apart, which gives access to a select group of Italian artisans to a Manhattan loft with the task of furnishing it; we were very enthusiastic.  The scope of the project is to bring to market an entirely “artisan environment”, in order to do this thoroughly, we, the artisans of Meda had to contact the owner of the loft, an affluent New York lawyer.

Design-Apart’s roll in the project gives the artisans access to the loft and makes them responsible for furnishing the entire space according to the precise and personal requests of the owner, as the furniture will remain after the 12 months allowed for in the # LivingShowroom project.

Unexpectedly and suddenly, a small group of artisans in Meda, Italy, are working with a New York City lawyer (the type we see only in movies! :-)) and this very special client has:

–          A vision of the living showroom very different from ours.

–          An approach to materials understandably different from ours.

–          A very personal aesthetic sensibility, which we must interpret and recognize during the course of the project.

In this post, the first in a small series, we will tell the story of how a *PMI, Piccole Medie Imprese, (*small to medium Italian artisan companies) from the Brianza can rise to the call of an international client of the highest caliber.  A client who expects clear answers and products that match his tastes and personal style, in other words, personalized service and customized solutions.

In summary:


What we heard was not about our products or our visual conception of furnishings or even about practical solutions but how he understands the project and how he envisions his home, as a result of our conversations this is what we paid very close attention too:

  • How he likes to spend his time. 
  • What type of furniture is most important to him?
  • What does he want to experience when he enters the living room? 
  • How important are “handmade” products? 
  • How important is and does he recognize the value in artisan products, especially Italian?

In other words, we have the desire, in this case not to look at the single piece of furniture, but to understand all the intricate details of the entire project.

The outcome of this approach we will present very soon but in mean time, we can tell you that we are quite satisfied.

The results demonstrate clearly that the innovative project, with personalized service and customized solutions could become the model for manufacturers like us and for all those similar, and in Italy there are many, who believe that there is an enormous demand for quality manufacturing in the world today.

In fact, it’s exactly the same approach we are taking with #BertoProgetti.

We will update you on the developments soon!

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