A new way of producing and distributing. All part of the international adventure of Design-Apart.

Berto Salotti - New York

Today we are in full production mode of the hand tailored sofas for a very special apartment in New York.

It is certainly not the first time that we make a custom-made living project, in fact, we dedicated Berto Projects entirely to this concept, but it is definitely the first time we take part in a project with an original approach: in production, in distribution and in commercialization.

We’re not alone, the project has brought a team of highly skilled manufacturers together, the best of the best, in Italian design and manufacturing.

  • A new way of producing

It may seem that the art of hand making a sofa is the same for every producer but in reality it’s not.

Having said this however, the fact remains that most people are used to having the same product. This has changed; the time has finally come where we can have something different and personal.

Thanks to everything that surrounds the artisan today, it is possible for us as manufacturers to fulfill the needs of every customer even if they have never opened our catalog or been to our showroom. The owner of the loft apartment, Mr. C.H. who is graciously accommodating the project by Design-Apart, has not done one nor the other, nonetheless, we spoke about the furniture of his dreams, made an official proposal and now we are in production of the realization of a dream.

  • A new way of distributing

Remember the huge showrooms of the past with very few original pieces where the atmosphere reigned of sacredness.

It looked as though larger meant better, from manufacturers that were everything but personal, in addition marketing relied heavily on price targeting to an unknowing public.

Luckily, times have changed; the shrines of luxury belong to the past.

Design-Apart, with its first location in New York, proposes a concept exactly the opposite to that of the past.

In fact, the #Living Showroom represents the innovative talent of Diego Paccagnella recently interviewed by Berto Salotti, who describes the project as way to demonstrate how each product effects the daily life of the individual and more importantly how the product is affected by daily life.

  • A new relationship with the customer

Having our sofas in this New York loft, where the air you breathe is definitively “hand-crafted and Italian” from the lights in the closets to the bathroom faucets, makes us feel right at home and more importantly part of an exquisitely inviting environment.

It is precisely this environment that the #Living Showroom has created together with Italian artisans for the first time in New York an experience we hope will become the basis for creating new relationships with new prospects and new projects, ending the era of the past forever.

This we hope explains the tremendous positive energy and incredible feeling we have for this project. It is with gratitude for those responsible for having included Berto Salotti in the narrow circle of partners of Design-Apart.

Now, the work begins for the New York opening of the #Living Showroom … coming soon!


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