If you really want to understand a sofa sometimes you need a record player. Words shared even by Gaia Segattini.

This post comes from a particular story we would like to share with you.

We wanted to write it trying to explain the reason why, in that special area in our showroom called #BertoLive – an amazing part of the showroom in Meda, where passions play the most important part – you may find a record player: the answer is our passion for music, for vinyl records, for the music that moves our soul.

And then, as it always happens, real life surprised us.

collezione vinili bertolive showroom berto meda

And we are talking about Gaia Segattini’s bright eyes, about the fascinating sound of her thoughts at loud voice, about the magic of her words we heard even before she sat down on our sofa (We could feel it even before she arrived, as her reputation always precedes her).

Gaia first came to see us and later on we had a long, pleasant conversation on skype: we had some fun in sharing our experience, we spoke about worlds of the recent past, about counterculture, and, of course, about music and groups that were able to influence our lives: from fashion to art, from music up to the way of self production.

And surprisingly she gave us the answer to our question why “if you want to understand a sofa you need a record player.”

During our long, funny and absolutely unpredictable conversation – we will tell you about it very soon – we have found out the real answer we were looking for.

Music, a special kind of music, inspires us. It inspires us while we are thinking about decorating a house. Music inspires Gaia while she is inventing her creations placed between fashion and provocation. And music also inspires pleasant talks with some friends, chatter that make you forget where you are sitting at that moment.

That’s it: from the record player to the sofa while talking with Gaia Segattini.

We could even stop writing our post at this point, but we wanted to share some words our friend told us (And be ready because the long interview will be online soon!):

“I do not think there is a real need for new products.”
The difference is perfectly represented by a product that is able to express something, to satisfy a need that hasn’t been fulfilled yet, a product with some details that derive from a certain kind of experience, from people.”

And more:

“Things may then change in different ways and turn into opposite results: we all have a iper-technological phone with a camera with milliard pixel definition and we take a picture of the puff pastry we have just made by hand. Do you get the meaning?

Stay Tuned”

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