On March 3rd in Rome, an artisan workshop is open to everyone. For young people, for the work of an artisan, for solidarity, we’re making the #divanoXmanagua.

It’s the third workshop, we’re halfway there, the first was dedicated to the design of the sofa and the second we dealt with the frame, this time we must tackle the capitonné exterior (then we continue on March 14th, 28th, and April 11th).

In Rome, on March 3rd, at 17.30 we continue forward working together on a project that has three purposes:
•    Promote the value of Italian craftsmanship, making it known through direct participation.
•    Give young people the opportunity: to work on a real product, for a real company, with real craftsmen, thanks to the partnership of the Education Centre AFOL, Meda.
•    Contribute by supporting the Carpenters School of Managua, thanks to collaboration of Terre des Hommes Italy.

Furthermore, in Rome we have another important partner: the Girl Geek Dinners Rome, where we will present a discussion on Corporate Social Responsibility. For now, we leave you with the videos of our first and second workshops likewise we’re hoping to see you on March 3rd, at our Berto Salotti Showroom, Via Appia Nuova #1261, in Rome. For driving directions please click here, to follow the event on Facebook and here for the official page for registration.

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