Radio Rai 1 was wondering… Why the campaign #WhyeBerto

On Monday, 30th January, we took part in the radio program Eta Beta, a daily radio broadcast on Radio Rai 1. The main argument of the day was the digital experience with a particular focus on the proper approach for the Italian companies and for all people that would like to create their own business.

The program was presented by the great Massimo Cerofolini and the main guests were Marco Montemagno and Filippo Berto who, since he began in 1997 with the first online activities, has always had a direct and up to the date approach.

The program was focused on three main themes:

– How to become the creator of your own business
– How to take advantage of Internet resources – quite often free – to start your own business
– How to find out the new trends in order to be original in a world-to-be where artificial intelligence and robots will play the most important part.

Eta Beta, radio Rai 1 filippo berto

These are the fundamental points why RadioRai has decided to take the campaign #WhyBerto as an example to refer to: our small-great videos perfectly represent the proper internet approach as for “business”.

During these years we have had more than one million visualizations, a double series of videoclips (the first in 2011 and the last one in 2017) and a great amount of products shown in these videos – if we add the first 22 videos to the more recent 6 ones and to the videos on BertO YouTube Channel, well, we have more than 100 videos online with 1.9 million visualizations.

Filippo Berto’s speech on Radio1 was about an extremely essential matter for our company and he was able to explain it in a very simple way which is indeed the best way to express the most convincing ideas:

“We have always described the story of our company by showing what really happens “behind the scenes” during the realization of our products and all that was possible thanks to our company blog. We did not mean to talk about our products but actually our aim was to open virtually our laboratory and let people in to meet the artisans that everyday create our models. We just wanted to answer a very simple question: WHY should someone buy our products.”

The give and take with Filippo is quite short, but he is able to explain even with a few words the fundamentals of the communication strategy we have undertaken since a long time.

During the conversation on Radio1 we have expressed once again our idea behind the campaign #WhyBerto: we explained the reason why someone should buy our products. And we did all this in a few but incisive words as the internet communication requires nowadays.

Thanks to this small but big idea we have today an incredible amount of visualizations, on our YouTube channel and on our website and most of the people who have watched these videos came and visit our showroom.

We perfectly know the feeling when you meet a new customer and he says:

“I have watched your videos and I already know #WhyBerto!”

For more information:

Here you can listen to the radio podcast.

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